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Portuguese Sommelier Day | AEP’s 50th Anniversary
24th of March 2022

A year of celebration for Escanções de Portugal

On the 24th of March of 2022 the Portuguese Sommeliers’ Association - Associação dos Escanções de Portugal - was able to celebrate once again together the Portuguese Sommelier’s Day, in a gettogether with associate members, partners, colleagues and friends.

This year the gathering was held in the house of the portuguese wine producer Casa Ermelinda Freitas, in Fernando Pó village, where the invitees were warmly welcome by all its team getting the chance to better know its facilities having a guided tour through its vineyards, cellar and museum. A walk that happened before a very special tasting hour, of the three Ermelinda Freitas Setúbal Moscatel wines - the Moscatél de Setúbal, the Moscatél de Setúbal Superior and Moscatél Roxo Superior – in a session guided by the house’s oenologist, Jaime Quendera, and accompanied by Leonor Freitas, the company’s owner and manager, following then the Sommeliers’ lunch.

Also this year, the date has a special meaning by the Association’s (one of ASI’s founding member) 50th anniversary, a house that has seen its constituition being published in Diário da República – the official portuguese gazette on the 24th of March of 1972, being since then recognised as an Association, although its roots were created and designed some years before by the pioneering action of the portuguese sommelier Fernando Ferramentas.

The special occasion has commemorated and has paid tribute to the work, the effort and the determination, the passion and the dedication of all of those who embrace this profession and who have been walking with us through these 50 years of life and history, since the Association’s foundation till present time, playing an important role for its progress and for what it is today and what it represents.

Due to this celebration mood, there will be several activities and events related to it happening throughout 2022, particularly to the associate members and namely exclusive masterclasses and workshops.

Still during the meeting day, the Association has enthroned Leonor Freitas as a member of Escanções de Portugal Brotherhood, also by way of paying homage for her work and role in the sector and to the country’s improvement.

For more information:
Associação dos Escanções de Portugal
Ana Branco

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